Russian athletics at the international federation table

Will Russian athletes participate in the Tokyo Olympics? A sensitive question the IAAF ‘government’ will try to answer through a video meeting.

The thorny situation of Russia, which has been suspended since November 2015 due to systematic activity, will once again be on the agenda of the IAAF Council on Wednesday and Thursday, focusing on the status of athletes currently banned from international competitions. Greater for athletes in managing their behavior. But the process was frozen in November 2019, with the Russian Federation being accused of helping Daniel Lysenko, the 2017 world champion’s summer champion in London and the 2018 world champion in a hall under the banner of neutral athletes, to provide false documents and false explanations to justify his non-identification during surprise tests by the International Federation and to obstruct an investigation of steroids around Lysenko. The Russian doping dossier, which poisons the international body for more than six years, has seen many fluctuations, but hope emerged three weeks ago with the introduction of a “reintegration plan” prepared by three independent experts and endorsed by the IAAF after a positive opinion from the team responsible for judging the country’s progress in the fight against doping, and the president of the International Athletics Federation Sebastian Coe said that these reforms are not “an end in itself but the beginning of a long road. The Russian Federation must do an extraordinary job of rebuilding trust.”

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