Saudi Al-Qadisiyah resolves Al-Dosari’s position after the end of the Olympics

Ali bin Daraam, the official spokesman for the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah Football Club, confirmed, on Saturday, that the club had received a number of official and verbal offers for the departure of Khalifa Al-Dosari from the team.

He added, “The club’s management has suspended discussion of the player’s issue permanently at the present time until the player has finished his participation with the national team in his national mission in the Tokyo Olympics.”

Bin Daarm added that after the end of the Olympics, the player’s file will be presented to the technical committee and the club’s board of directors to study the offers made to the player from all sides and then decide whether the player should continue with the team or open the door to negotiation with the clubs that want the player’s services.

The official spokesman for Al-Qadisiyah Club concluded his statements by saying: “Our interest at the present time is focused on supporting the team in its Olympic mission. We are also interested in the player’s stability and focus with our national team, and after the end of the Olympics, every incident will have a talk.”

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