Saudi Ali Reda and Iraqi Riyad for Olympic rowing quarter-finals

Saudi Hussain Alireza and Iraqi Mohammed Riyad qualified for the quarter-finals of the men’s rowing singles competition at the Tokyo Olympics through the supplemental competitions, which saw the exit of Qatar’s Tala Abu Jbara in the women’s singles.

Ali Reda came in second place with a time of 8:06.78 minutes, after qualifying for the playoffs on Friday when he finished fifth in his group with 7:54.18 d.

In the same group, Kuwaiti Abdul Rahman Al-Fadl bid farewell to the competitions by coming fourth on Saturday with a time of 9:04.73 d.

In turn, the Iraqi Mohammed Riyad crossed to the quarter-finals by coming second in the race when he recorded a time of 7:41.72, while the Libyan Al-Hussein Gambour, who finished the race in fourth, went out.

Consequently, Ali Reda and Riad caught the Egyptian Abdel Khaleq Al-Banna, the African champion, who qualified during Friday’s competitions, when he finished third with a time of 7:03.44 minutes.

Among the women, Qatari Tala Abu Jbara (28 years) failed to reach the quarter-finals in the women’s singles playoff on Saturday, coming in third with a time of 8:16.88 minutes, and Moroccan Sarah Frankart, who came in fifth, with a time of 8:42.78 minutes.

The Sudanese Esraa Khojali also finished fifth in the qualifying supplement with a time of 10:25.94 minutes.

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