Saudi Arabia issues licenses for clubs and academies

Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports and Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, announced on Monday the launch of the Nafes platform for licensing clubs, academies and private gyms, for the first time in the Kingdom. The project, which falls under the Quality of Life Program, aims to enable the private sector to invest in the sports sector in Saudi Arabia, and to provide the opportunity for local and foreign investors to establish and develop private clubs, academies and gyms, by applying for the necessary licenses through this platform, in order to achieve the objectives of Vision 2030. Diversifying the sources of the economy towards building a healthy society. The Saudi Minister of Sports said, “In the past few years, the sports sector has witnessed unprecedented qualitative leaps, which have clearly and clearly contributed to the growth of the sector by 170 percent in the past three years, in addition to the increase in the number of citizens practicing sports regularly by 19 percent, and the increase in the value of the sector to reach 6.5 billion riyals ($1.7 billion). “Today, we are facing a new stage for Saudi sports by launching the Nafees platform, through which we seek to increase the number of clubs, academies and private gyms, in a desire to enhance the level of sports and the quality of competition, develop the performance of athletes, and support the growth of sports and the economy,” Prince Abdul Aziz was quoted by AFP as saying. “. He explained, “This platform will be a turning point in the sports industry in Saudi Arabia, as it provides the opportunity for the private sector to invest in Saudi sports, and to contribute to its growth and prosperity, by obtaining the necessary licenses to establish clubs, academies and gyms for various games.” In its first phase, the project includes a number of sports, in which licenses can be issued to establish clubs or academies according to the type of sport, whether individually or in more than one game, including: basketball, squash, rowing, indoor rowing, gymnastics, judo, taekwondo, karate, and jiu-jitsu. , wrestling, mixed martial arts, equestrian, cycling, football, fencing, tennis, boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, windsurfing, windsurfing, swimming, e-sports, chess, wireless sports, archery, and badminton.

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