School sport and its positive impact on the national elite

School sports have an important place and an educational tomorrow that is recognized by different countries and nations. Most of the mathematically developed countries depend on training and refinement since childhood. School sport is the primary engine to know the progress of societies in the sports field, and the most important preoccupation for coaches of young groups is how Putting the first steps for the child on the right path, which can become a prominent athlete in the future, contributes to the representation of his country in international and continental forums, and the history of physical and sports education dates back to a long time, and the credit for that was for the Greeks, who took great care in exercises and early training, as well as The development of physical ability and that was before the year 1896 AD, the history of the Athens Games.

School sport primarily focuses on stimulating vital functions in the youth groups through gaining physical fitness and motor abilities that adapt to the biological and respiratory system and developing motor skills including walking, running, jumping, pushing, kicking, racing and other usual movements in children.

For more details on the topic, Takatuf Sport Magazine contacted the coach, expert and sports advisor, Mr. Houhou Samir, and he had this statement: School sport is of great importance in developing elite sport and choosing and selecting rare birds. In our time there are several athletes in various sports, basketball, ball Hand, football, and athletics are graded first through school sports, then elite sport and high level, as it is one of the most important stations for discovering and refining talent.

Unfortunately, we gave up on this important and effective gain, and everyone became searching for the ready athlete, even if it required the payment of imaginary sums for that instead of relying on training and framing. And another thing, school sport was among one of the curricula that should be followed by the athlete from a young age. The most important thing is that the student or student inside the school is social in him-self and is not isolated from his peers and friends, and as a healthy mind is said in a healthy body.

And another thing was added, school sport is an essential and necessary factor for the advancement of Arab sports. Previously, courses were held in schools in the same region and then expanded for the province as a whole, then a national course for the winners arrives and develops to the goal of international school courses, so Arab countries must give new impetus Morally or informally to benefit from this great gain.

The bottom line is that school sports have multiple benefits, both on the mental and cognitive side as well as the physical side, and the most important benefits are the development of the personality of the student or student is characterized by balance and maturity and psychological and social adaptation and work to develop the behavior of the child inside and outside the school in a manner that returns In the affirmative to his family, friends and all of his surrounding pension.

 By. Ahmadi Abd el ouaheb

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