Spanish police deploy in Madrid to prevent Atletico or Real’s celebrations of the “La Liga” title

Madrid police deployed 130 officers to prevent fans of Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid from mass celebrations in the center of the capital in the event that any of them wins the “La Liga” title tomorrow, Saturday. The police said in a statement today, Thursday, that 130 officers will patrol two centers in the center of the capital, where the masses of each team usually celebrate, to prevent large gatherings that may lead to the spread of infection with Covid-19. Fans of Atletico Madrid, who are two points ahead of Real Madrid in the lead before going into the final round away to Real Valladolid, usually celebrate with titles at the Neptuno Fountain, which is about 600 meters from the Cibeles Fountain, which is celebrated by Real Madrid fans, although none of them Fans of both teams will not go there if they win the title. Police spokeswoman Inmaculada Sanz urged fans to celebrate in their homes or on balconies and avoid flocking to central Madrid. Spain ended the state of public emergency in the country early this month due to the decrease in cases of Coronavirus, despite the continued prevention of fans from attending matches in the first and second classes in most regions of the country. “The epidemiological situation has improved, but the virus is still present, and it is important to continue making efforts and maintaining caution,” Sanz added.

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