Sports and health

Sport helps to develop the individual from many aspects that make him more flexible and adapt physically and mentally ‘or even socially’ and that through the exercise of many physical activities commensurate with his age and strength of his body and his ability to withstand the hourly size and nature of these sports exercises Physical education is known as physical effort that a person exerts, either alone or competitively, in the company of a group of people who are governed by known and well-known laws and regulations to guarantee fair and fair competition.
The history of playing sports dates back to distant times. Perhaps the human need in that era for strength and self-defense motivated him to train warriors and fighters, which led to the creation of a new sport without intent. We think about it: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, bodybuilding. Hurdles, archery and other sports.
Sports and physical activities play an important role in the lunch that a person follows and brings him benefit and benefit, whether from a psychological or physical point of view. Perhaps most of the advice that doctors provide to patients is that it is necessary to follow a training program underlined or rely on the practice of activities and daily exercises and this To avoid or reduce the severity and severity of the health problem, especially that afflicts owners of chronic diseases. Perhaps the most important benefits of sport on health are controlling blood sugar, regulating cholesterol, maintaining a moderate body weight, maintaining joint health, maintaining an ideal level of lifting Blood, these are only some benefits, and advanced science continues to discover amazing things for the benefits that the human body reaps by exercising, and it must be noted that elderly people find it difficult to exercise some of the sports and the stress, strength and endurance that they require when we find all specialists and Doctors advise this group of people with walking and movement syndrome, and these are the simplest physical activities that many of them reduce without knowing the great importance to them and that benefit the human health benefit and benefit.
In addition to everything mentioned above, sport has other important benefits, including the formation of new friendships and multiple social relationships, as well as habituation of the human soul to the fun and beautiful sporting spirit far from coarseness, intolerance and hatred, so let us preserve this win-win gain for everyone with the exception of the big and the small The man and woman remain the famous and prevailing saying, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”
Ahmedi Abd el ouaheb

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