Strong threats to withdraw Monaco from Formula 1 races

The Principality of Monaco is facing a serious threat from the owner of the marketing rights to the “Formula 1” races, as reports indicated that the Corporation is considering withdrawing the Grand Prix status from the race, by not renewing the contract with those responsible for the circuit, namely “Automobile Club de Monaco”. And the British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed, in this context, that those in charge of “Liberty Media” are tired of some of the habits adopted by the organizers of the Grand Prix in the emirate, and the state of neglect that has become distinguishing the circuit and its insufficient maintenance. The organizers have not re-planned the track since the construction of the circuit despite complaints from drivers of severe tightness in the road, as it is difficult for them to overtake despite their ability to do so during the race, and limits the power of their advanced cars. And “Liberty Media” considered that the income from the circuit, estimated at about 12 million euros, was enough to make sufficient improvements to meet the drivers’ demands, but ignoring would make the circuit not included in the Grand Prix races, and it would be the race that Mac Verstappen won from the Red Bull team before days is the last in it. The Formula One Federation hopes that the situation will not reach the limits of implementing the threats that it revealed, especially that the Monaco circuit is among the most famous in the world, and it has a special place among the racers due to its difficulty, and a solution to the owners’ demands remains possible despite the time running out.

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