Sudanese Mars

Al-Mars also explained, through his official page, that the involvement of the suspended duo Ramadan Ahab and Bakhit Khamis, was a decision of the president of the club Adam Sudakal, where he sent a letter to the former coach of the team Nasreddine Al-Nabe informing him of the legality of the participation of the players positions.

The sudanese club’s fans were angered by “Sudkal”, after mars on the verge of being excluded from the African championship “the fans of The Sudanese Mars Club live a state of anticipation and anxiety, after the team became threatened with exclusion from the African Champions League, after the participation of players suspended by the Sudanese Federation in the meeting of Simba Tanzania, which ended in a negative draw between the two teams. The cause of the crisis

The Sudanese Football Federation issued a decree on February 10th, which stipulates the suspension of ramadan wonder trio Bakhit Khamis and Mohammed Al-Rasheed for six months, because they signed contracts to move to the ranks of the Sudanese Crescent during the last months of September and October, before signing contracts to join Mars as well.

On February 17, the Sudanese Federation reduced the sentence to five months, following a petition by Mars.

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