Suga in the Creek

 He scored his first goals and al-Khor club announced its official contract with the German striker Soga, the former Arab player to strengthen the team’s offensive line in the remaining matches of the current season and it is expected that the play will be one of the elements affecting the knights due to his distinctive technical abilities. “I’m happy to be in the creek.

 The German coach Schaefer was distinguished between the Suga and the Lebanese defender Alexander Melki to contract with one of them, and in the end, the selection was made on the suga, which was recorded yesterday morning and participated in the face of the maps last night and I look forward to a good future in the ranks of the team, and I promise you to fight to the end to stay in the league because it is our main goal now and I hope that we join together to achieve it and appeared at a good level with his colleagues and scored a goal.

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