The agreement was completed .. Messi sacrifices half of his salary for Barcelona

The story of Lionel Messi continues with Barcelona, ​​​​after weeks of “tense”, it appears that the Catalan club has reached an agreement with Messi to renew the contract.

And Lionel Messi’s contract with the Catalan club officially ended on June 30, so that the Argentine legend became free without contracts, after a 17-year march inside the Catalan castle, so that he had the right to sign for any club “for free” in the coming period.

Since that period, Barcelona fans have been living in a state of anxiety that the club will not succeed in renewing Messi’s contract.

However, several Spanish sources, led by Mundo Deportivo, confirmed that Barcelona succeeded in reaching an agreement with Messi for a period of 5 years.

But the new long contract will come with a great “sacrifice” from Messi, who, according to sources, agreed to cut his salary in half, to help Barcelona overcome his financial crisis.

The newspaper had confirmed that Messi’s previous contract cost the club 550 million euros, over a period of 5 years.

According to the “Goal” website, the Spanish League imposes a maximum wage for players, the value of which is approximately 350 million euros annually on Barcelona, ​​​​and it must not exceed it.

The new contract will allow Messi to stay in the club until the age of 39, and the contract is expected to include a clause that makes him a global ambassador for the club after retiring, with a huge salary that may reach 10 million euros annually.

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