The Algerian Liberation Front team when senior professionals respond to the nation’s call

During the liberation war that the Algerian people took in from 1954, an elite group of senior Algerian players participated in the French League in old French clubs. In 1957 the Algerian liberation war lived its climax. The struggle was not only military but also political. The National Liberation Front worked to internationalize the cause of liberating the country from French colonialism, which lasted for more than a century and a quarter. Hence, the idea of ​​establishing a football team came from the Algerian players who are active abroad, especially in French clubs. None of these professionals has hesitated to heed the nation’s call. A large team called the National Liberation Front (FLN) was created, the majority of which are professionals active in European and private French clubs. This was in April 1958, just weeks before the start of the 1958 World Cup, in which three Algerians were to participate in the French national team. But they preferred the call of the country to fame.

The most important matches of the National Liberation Front team against the first teams

Algeria 2 – Morocco 1Algeria 5 – Tunisia 1
Algeria 4 – Tunisia 0Algeria 6 – Tunisia 1
Algeria 5 – Vietnam 0Algeria 3 – Bulgaria 4
Algeria 6 – yoguslavia1Algeria 7 – Libya 0
Algeria 5 – Romania 2Algeria 1 – Bulgaria 3

The plan put forward by the Liberation Front was for the players to leave France at the same time and secretly, then to join Tunisia via Switzerland and other outlets. And when the French clubs discerned the absence of the players and confirmed that they left France to join Tunisia in order to establish an Algerian revolutionary team, the shock was great and very great in the French sports and political circles as well as the border police, which did not notice the exit of these professionals from the French lands. This news was accompanied by a very large world media resonance, especially as the whole world was following with great importance the preparations of the qualified teams for the World Cup to be held in Sweden, especially the French team, which was nominated by many during the presence of senior players, most notably the Real Madrid player Raymond Cuba and sniper Just Fontan The French are of Algerian origin, Rashid Makhloufi and Mostafa Zaitouni.

After joining the training headquarters in Tunisia and the beginning of the exercises under the leadership of the leadership of Boumzrag, this journey began by the ancient team around the world to introduce the Algerian issue and that there is a war in Algeria to liberate it from an occupation that lasted more than a century and a quarter of a century. The trip of this Algerian national team led him to China, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Libya, Morocco, Czechoslovakia, Syria and other countries of the world. And this team was able to beat the most prestigious international teams, especially the Yugoslav team, and in its own home in front of more than 80 thousand spectators. And the outcome of the Liberation Front team was excellent by winning 47 games and losing in only four games out of a total of 62 games played until the independence of Algeria in 1962. Then, the first independent Algerian team was established and was made up mostly of Liberation Front players.

 Hamimi Hadj-Sahraoui

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