The conclusion of the first stage of the camel race

The competitions of the first stage of the third local camel race in Al Shahaniya were concluded, in the evening, the open trunk runs of 5 kilometers were held. Al Jamiliya, the king of Al Shahaniya camels, won the strongest game, after winning the main first round of Jaza Bakkar under the leadership of its veteran trackman Salem bin Faran Al Marri, achieving a time of 7.53.25 minutes. The brilliant Jarallah Muhammad bin Aqeel “Shamsheer” also led Hajen Al Shahaniya to win the main second-half rules of Jadha’a Qaadan, after a strong and distinguished performance in a journey that took “Shamshir” 7,51.29 minutes to declare himself the champion of one of the strongest runs of this strong heritage evening. “Diyar”, the king of camel production, Umm Al-Zabbar, led by the conspirator Nasser Hamad Misfir Al-Shahwani, achieved the best timing in the evening competitions, which won the law of the twelfth and last half, by covering a distance of 5 kilometers in a time of 7.44.95 minutes. In the morning period, Al-Dhiba granted its owner Saeed Buti Al-Zoubi the strongest rules of the final day of the first stage of the race, by winning the rules of the first half of the first half of the open trunk, achieving a time of 7:47:83 minutes. The slogan of the sons of His Excellency Mohammed Zayed Al-Khayareen imposed himself strongly on the two halves of the Qa’adan is open and the Omani, where “The Wolf” starred in the main second half of the Qa’adan is open, and its owner Saeed Muhammad Zayed presented the two halves of the half rules with a time of 7:40:95 minutes. Then the Al-Khayareen logo returned to shine again in the main matches, when “Al-Wasmi”, the king of Saif Mohammed Zayed Al-Khayareen, managed to snatch the law of the main fourth round dedicated to the Omani female cadre, achieving a timing very similar to the timing of his companion “Al-Theeb”, where Al-Wasmi cut the distance of 5 KM in a timezone of 7:40:91 minutes. As for the third main game, dedicated to the Omani virgins, Mithyar, the king of Fahid Jarallah Salem al-Maksour, who excelled and outperformed all her competitors in the last few meters to celebrate the law of the virgins in Omani women in a time of 7:41:61 minutes. And “Al-Fayza”, the king of Muhammad Ali Nasser Al-Ghafrani, achieved the law of the sixteenth period designated as the chief of the production, with a time of 7:44:43 minutes.) with a time of 7:41:61 minutes

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