The date of the match against JS in the African Confederation Cup final

We review with you in this area. The date of the Moroccan sports match against the Algerian tribal JS, draws the final of the Confederation Cup.

The two teams meet the stadium of “Friendship” in the State of Benin. Please see the third title in the competition after the title in seasonal (20172018) and (20022003). : (19992000), (20002001), (20012002).

In the semi-finals of the Egyptian Pyramids Club of the penalty (54), after the end of my games go and return to the negative draw, while the Kabylie Cotton Sport exceeded 5-1 at the total and return match.

The African Confederation Cup final will be the fifth confrontation between the two teams, after meeting in four of the African Champions League, the first two matches were collected in 2006 in the second floor. His way to the pro.

While the last two teams for the two teams in the African Champions League, won two goals for a goal, and the negative equalizer will face the return.
The final match of the African Confederation Cup of the United Arab Emirates (Greenwich +4)

The game is held on Saturday at 23:00, 22:00 Mecca time, 21:00 Egypt and Jordan, 20:00 Morocco time Tunisia and Algeria.

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