The European champion announced the delay of his trip to Doha

Bayern Munich’s trip to Doha to face Al Ahly in the Club World Cup, after it was scheduled to arrive today to participate in the 17th edition of the Qatar Club World Cup 2020, the German club said in a tweet: “Our trip to Doha to participate in the Club World Cup was delayed for more than 7 hours after the refusal to agree to take off the plane initially.” 6 clubs of the champions of the continents.

The club added in a statement posted on its website: “The plane onboard the German record champions team was not allowed to take off until 7 am, due to the unscheduled night stay, and the Bavarian team had concluded preparations for the match against the Egyptian Ahli Club in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup, and had to change the crew and had to stop in Munich, and from there the plane took off for Doha at 9.15 am.” In the best possible form after he moved away at the top of the German league table, with a hard victory over hosts Hertha Berlin, 1-0, in the match between them, at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, in the opening of the competition of the 20th round of the German league competition “Bundesliga” in the current season 2020-2021 despite the strong competition from the Brazilian team Bamileras champion Libertadores, which in turn seeks to end the domination of the clubs on the European crowning

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