The famous Tour de France title is steps away from the “Emirates Team”

The Slovenian rider Tade Bogacher, the UAE team rider, is 4 stages away from winning the Tour de France for the second time in a row.

The Slovenian cyclist stole the lights of the seventeenth stage, which extends for 178 km, and crossed the arrival line first after a fierce struggle for the last 100 metres.

This stage is always described as “decisive” in determining the title of the Tour, and winning it not only gave the UAE team the title of the stage, but also strengthened its position at the top of the overall standings.

Bogacher is now more than 5 minutes ahead, 4 stages away, knowing that Sunday’s final stage is more of an exhibition stage than a competitive one, and it is agreed that a rider who starts the last stage and is at the top of the general standings, is not contested by the rest of the riders.

Wednesday’s victory is Bogacher’s second in the stages of this year’s Tour, after winning the fifth stage, which was dedicated to speed.

Bogacher snatched the yellow jersey assigned to the general standings in the eighth stage, and he has retained it until now.

On Thursday, the competition continues with the eighteenth stage, over a distance of 130 km, in which Bogacher is expected to maintain the lead in the standings with a comfortable margin.

It is noteworthy that Bogacher, the UAE team cyclist, surprised the cycling world last year by controlling the most famous and oldest tour in the world, when he was only twenty-one years old.

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