The fans adore

The round witch, or what is known as the masses ‘passion, was and still is the only outlet. If it is true for millions of fans around the world, the latter knew several names that reflected the extent of their fans’ attachment to it. Perhaps the name of the sport of the poor is the most common.

Football is the sport that does not distinguish between the rich and the poor champion. The stadiums can accommodate everyone and the goal is to advocate and encourage the team with one heart and one logo. The masses adore the adoration of the young before the big one, and women have a share. After this sport was restricted to men only, the latter knew a wide turnout by the feminist component, as several feminist teams appeared in various countries, such as the Arab countries, which gave new impetus and a strong addition to sport. As such, the emergence of female national teams, professional players, and even highly qualified coaches.

And one of the most beautiful things we can say about this witch is that it is not just a competition that combines two teams that ends with the victory of one over the other, but it is much more than that, it is all that is acquaintance, affection, respect and brotherhood.

By. Ahmadi Abd el ouaheb

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