The great annual festival of authentic Arabian camel racing

Competitions and events on the sword of His Highness Prince Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Al-Shahaniya Square on the third day of

I had a lot of fun during the evening competitions.

By establishing the steps of the al-Qa’ia on the golden symbols, dedicated to the joys of the elders, the high est, and the happiness of the elders.

The strongest runs of this fiery touch, when he unleashed the “spark” of the “spark” to control the strong half mosquito and grab the strongest symbols (the golden head of the Open Carr) in time of 66:27:7 minutes, driven by the instructions and directions of the Almighty

AbdulRahman Salem Al-Jarboui. In the second half, the qaya sat in an open seat, the “muwaffaq” of the king of Hagen al-Gharafa,

Under the leadership of veteran singer Salem Amer Al-Madhoshi, Muwaffaq outperformed his rivals with the slogan Of Hagen Al-Shahaniya, to tweet

In the lead in the good meters and celebrates the mosquitoes of the strong run and the golden dagger of The Qaya Qa’a Da’an

Open, reaching the Noamis station in a time of 62:26:7 minutes. The turn came in the main third half on

The slogan of support, The Hybrid al-Shahaniya, when presented «Zarqa» led by the naughty Mohammed Khalid

Al-Attiyah, to control the front of one of the strongest runs of this fiery heritage evening, to achieve «Zarqa» win the golden medal of Kaya Bakar


In the morning, The Cameln production of Um al-Zubar dominated the heads of al-Laqaya (Bakar and Qahaddan), as part of the morning competitions for the third day of the annual festival on The Sword of His Highness.

The annual festival continues on The Sword of Prince Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, for authentic Arabian hybrids 2021.

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