The Hernandez Brothers: We Didn’t Dream About It

Brothers Luca and Teo Hernandez are thrilled and proud to have been selected in France’s squad for this week’s Nations League finals, which could be the first time two brothers have played together for the national team since the Rivelli brothers in the 1970s. Luka won the World Cup with France in 2018, but his younger brother Theo made his first international match last month against Finland in a World Cup qualifier. Bayern Munich defender Luca, who made his first international match in March 2018, and now has a total of 28 games for France, told a news conference on Tuesday, two days before France and Belgium in the semi-finals in Turin: “It is an honor and a pleasure to join the national team with my brother.” We didn’t even dream about this in childhood. It is exceptional and unbelievable. It is a wonderful moment for the whole family. Happiness is not enough for us. We haven’t trained together yet so it would be great. This is a unique moment. The 23-year-old plays as a left-back with Milan, but he was used in the left wing position in a 3-4-1-2 game against Finland, while 25-year-old Luka is good at playing in the center of defense, although he He is frequently used at left-back with coach Didier Deschamps. Thanks to their ability to play in more than one position, the two brothers may participate together. Luca prefers the center of the defence, so Teo believes that the dream is close to being realized. He said: It is a great honor for me to be here with my brother. Mom, grandfather and the whole family are very happy. We must strive to play together. We will help each other to share together. Deschamps also included Theo as a midfielder when he revealed his squad last week. “He’s not a defender or a striker, so I put him with the midfielders,” said the coach with a smile on his face. If they participate together, it will be the first time that two brothers have played in the same squad for the France national team since the Hervey and Patrick Rivelli brothers did against Romania in March 1974.

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