The owner of Manchester City takes care of the travel expenses of the club fans to attend the Champions Final

Manchester City club announced that its Emirati owner, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, will pay the club’s fans’ travel costs to attend the Champions League final in Portugal. City won a share of six thousand tickets for the final match against compatriot Chelsea in Porto, and Sheikh Mansour said that all travelers on the official package will be covered. The masses are allowed to stay in the country for a period of 24 hours only, subject to submitting a negative test for Coronavirus, as a result of the protocols followed due to the pandemic. “Thousands of City fans will benefit from the initiative designed to relieve financial pressure on fans who have faced, and are still facing, difficult circumstances due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic,” the English club said in a statement. “The ballooning costs of Covid, along with the necessary and expensive laboratory tests, would have made the trip to the Final unbearable for many of these fans lucky to get a ticket,” he added. The defending champion added, “Given the necessary restrictions in place regarding Corona, the majority of fans wishing to attend the club’s first historic final match must do so within 24 hours, which means that His Highness’s initiative will finance the transfer of several thousand City fans to the official travel package in On the day of the final match. ” Sheikh Mansour said that this gesture was a reward for those fans who stuck to the club through thick and thin. He said in a statement that “Pep (Guardiola, the coach of the team) and the team have had a wonderful season, and their arrival in the Champions League final after a challenging year is a true historic moment for the club.” “That is why it is very important to have the opportunity for the largest possible number of fans to attend this special match (…), especially those who have supported Manchester City during the good and bad times for several years,” he added. This move may seem satisfying to fans who were furious when the club joined the European Super League last month, before withdrawing with other English clubs 48 hours after the announcement.

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