The pouring pony shines and wins first place in France

HM Al-Sakab, the King of Al Shaqab Racing, performed well at the Toulouse racetrack in France to deservedly win first place, to win the Ndjari Stallion’s Jump Cup for purebred Arabian horses aged 4 years and above over a distance of 2,100 metres. This win by the four-year-old blond foal is his third in the last 4 participations and the second in a row, under the supervision of coach Thomas Forsey, although this time the victory was led by the imagination Jerome Capper. The performance of (HM Al-Sakab) was enthusiastic from the first moment and as he exited the starting gate, the imagination directed Jerome Capper directly to take the lead, and indeed (HM Al-Sabq) led the rest of the horses with a good step, and in the first straight track he was three lengths away from his nearest seven rivals. She is the skilled Lulua, and none of the rest of the horses were able to participate in the race from his competition, so (HM Al-Sakab) continued to advance solo in the last track to win a well-deserved victory by 3 full lengths. Despite Lulwa’s attempts to get close to him, she was never able to get the runner-up under the supervision of coach François Roux and led by the imaginary Valento Soghi.

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