The Qatari dam provides a service to the Saudi victory at the expense of Iranian Foolad

The Qatari Al-Sadd team qualified for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League, after defeating Iranian Foolad Khuzestan (1-0) on Monday, in the fifth round of the group stage.
Thanks to the Qatari team victory, South Korean player Nam Tae Hee, who scored his only winning goal, in the 64th minute of the match.

The UAE unit takes revenge on the Iranian Persepolis (video)
Al-Sadd raised his score after this victory to 10 points, topped the Group D list, and guaranteed his early rise to the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Al-Sadd Club, by defeating Foolad Khuzestan, provided a great service to the Saudi Al-Nasr team, which ranks second, despite its loss (1-2) in front of the Jordanian Al-Wehdat, who ranked last with 4 points.

Foolad Khuzestan lost 5 points, and remained in third place in the ranking.

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