The qualifies for the Cup of His Highness the Prince of The Redeemer Qatar Cup for the plane

to coordinate the rest of the matches of the season starting from the Qatar Cup from 11-19 /2/2/ 2021, and the qualifiers of the Cup Of His Highness Prince Al-Mufti during the time period of 12-18 /2/2, the Qatar Volleyball Federation announced a timetable for the program of its matches, especially that the police is crowned the title for the third year in a row and fourth in its history. The police enter the titleholder and crowned title for the current season after the end of the shield several weeks before the end of the tournament and the police collected 49 points and come from behind al-Alahi and then Qatar and Al Arabi. Al Arabi enters with the goal of winning a suitable conclusion in the final of the league although the loss affects him because he became in the box after he guaranteed his presence with the police and Al-Alahi and Qatar The Committee on Beach Ball issued an amendment to the general beach football league program, which takes place at the Al-Gharafa Beach Club stadium, and the General Beach Ball League is witnessing a competition between all teams, with each club participating in two teams (a) and (b). Qatar Club is in first place with 17 points, and al-Gharafa is in second place and then al-Sadd third and north in the fourth-order

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