The start of the local camel festival

The competitions of the third local camel race started, where the starting kick was dedicated to the age of the camels from the open runs owned by Their Highnesses and Sheikhs over 19 runs from the three-kilometre point, in which the slogan of His Excellency Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Hamad bin Khalid Al Thani dominated the main runs led by Hamad Al-Mudmar Talib Bin Emara. Where Bin Emara pushed “Nawd” in the first race of the race dedicated to Haqaiq Bakkar to cut the tape of the laws of the third local, where the race trip was cut in a time of 4 minutes 28 seconds and 16 parts of a second, surpassing the “Intibah” king of the Mirqab camel, which She was at the Wasafa Center with a time of 4.30.80 minutes. The motto of Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Hamad returned again in the two chiefs of Qadan on the back of “Walm”, who enjoyed and excelled in his distinguished performance, harvesting the mosquitoes, through a flight of 4 minutes, 26 seconds and 40 parts of a second. While the law of Al-Haqiq went first, produced by the share of “Al-Shushaliah”, the king of His Excellency Sheikh Jassim bin Abdulrahman bin Saud Al Thani, where she snatched the victory in 4.29.20 minutes, led by the implied Hamad Mohammed Al-Jarhab. Who scored 4,32.56 minutes with the implied Mubarak Mohammed bin Sarir. And in the evening period, where the challenges of the age of encounters came from the camels of Their Highnesses and Excellencies the Sheikhs, which were held from the four-kilometre point over the course of 18 runs, the camel of the production of Umm Al-Zabbar was able to achieve the title of the main race for Al-Qaya Bakr, led by the implied Abdullah Ali Salama Al-Hajri, who presented “Al Shahaniya” to the fore. To snatch the victory, through a flight of 6.05.92 minutes, leaving the runner-up to “Waqar”, the king of Al-Shahaniya camel, who was accompanied by Jarallah Muhammad bin Aqeel, to record a time of 6.05.20 minutes. To dominate the course of the main half by sitting “Kasser”, who completed the task in 6.00.54 minutes

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