The victory for abandonment and claws

The public meet competitions were held within the activities of the third day of the third local camel race, which witnessed great strength, excitement and friendliness from all the participants. This excitement until the last meters of the run, but the victory in the end went to the “abandonment” of King Ali Sabih Al-Bires, who declared herself the champion of the strongest runs, to snatch the car and the mosquito and gift them to the leprechaun in the best time, which amounted to 6.05.65 d, with a slight difference from Her closest competitor, “Al-Bashous”, is King Rashid Butti Al-Hasna, where she finished in the halftime with a time of 5.05.99 d. The rivalry, strength and excitement continued in the second half of the main game, which also witnessed a very exciting three-way competition at the front of the game until the last meters of it, and matters were resolved only by a difference of a few seconds, which confirms the strength and intensity of the competition, and despite the resolution of matters in favor of “Makhallab”, King Hamad Jarallah Hussein Al-Baridi, with a time of 6.07.01 d, but the second and third place owners in this half deserve salutations and appreciation. King Rashid Mohsen Andela in third place with a time of 6.07.05 d. In the evening period, “Shabrieh” Malik Saleh Salem Saleh Al-Zamat topped the Lakaya Bakkar competitions, after winning the main first round of the Lakaya Bakkar production from a distance of 4 km, achieving a time of 6.12.45 d. Also, “unfair” King Abdul Mohsen Talib Ali Al-Jarboui starred in the second half of the main game, Qaadan Entag, and decided the victory with the rule of the half after a strong and distinguished performance, achieving the best time in today’s competitions with a time of 6.09.57 m.

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