The world has been undergoing great transformation and change in recent times And the sports sector, like all other sectors

The world has been undergoing great transformation and change in recent times And the sports sector, like all other sectors, was known to fluctuate and have a visible impact by stopping various sports activities, whether collective or individual, and this is due to the “Corona pandemic” and the outbreak of the Corona virus (19).

What made the athletes and coaches seek to find other ways to fill the void resulting from this stopping, as well as trying to maintain fitness for athletes, this epidemic has become a reality that must be coexisted with, and perhaps the most effective way agreed by most technicians is to take advantage of social media platforms from “Instagram, Twitter Youtube …. “The smart world has become the only alternative to that, because closing the stadiums, green spaces and gyms has become a heavier problem for all clubs and teams.

The problem that arises urgently is the extent to which individual preparations contribute to maintaining the fitness of the athlete in general and a football player in particular? We asked this question to the Algerian coach and sports adviser, graduate of the Higher Institute of Sports Technologies, “Hajjar Sharif”, and he had this response: With regard to the preparations of the players in the period of quarantine imposed on all Arab countries and all countries of the world are obligatory and very useful and it is not hidden from you that the period of The stand was very long, it exceeded three months, and this is what negatively affects the physical level of any athlete if he does not adhere to an intensive daily program. On our part, we have presented each player with a program that he works on during the stone period, and this is to preserve even a little on the physical level of the individual and the group as a whole.

And frankly, we, as a technical device, know that the application of this program from the players ’ear varies from one player to another because each player has his own capabilities and circumstances, but we try as much as possible to monitor and monitor all the group with daily reports submitted by the physical record and for each player separately, there A very important matter that we will focus on after the end of the quarantine period and the return of training, which is the very necessary psychological factor in this particular period, which is so essential that we try to introduce players to the atmosphere of manipulations and competition naturally and quickly, and this is what worries us some things now is over.

The question that remains pending for a while and we await the answer to it after the stone expiry and the return of training and normal life is whether technology and social media platforms have been able to serve as an alternative with the help of athletes and coaches to overcome this quarantine and excel over this pandemic.                           

By. Ahmadi Abd el ouaheb

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