Tokyo imposes a new state of emergency during the Olympics

The Japanese government intends to declare a new state of emergency in Tokyo that will continue throughout the Olympic Games, which will start in two weeks in the capital, to limit the spread of the Corona virus, local media reported Wednesday. “The government decided to declare the fourth state of emergency in Tokyo and communicated its decision” to the country’s ruling coalition, public television NHK reported. The state of emergency will be in effect until August 22, according to several media, while the Tokyo Games will take place from July 23 to August 8. Kyodo news agency quoted a senior government official as saying that the Olympics may be held without an audience. In March, organizers banned outside spectators, setting a precedent in the history of the Olympics. In June, they allowed local spectators to attend, but at 50% of each location’s capacity, with no more than 10,000 spectators. The authorities recently warned that the option of holding the games without an audience is still on the table, in the wake of the deteriorating health situation in Japan again. A decision on the final restrictions for the public is due in the coming days, with the government making its official decision on the state of emergency. The archipelago has remained relatively insulated from the epidemic compared to many other countries, with around 14,800 officially recorded deaths since the start of the epidemic, but experts have warned that its health system may be shaken with the Olympics. It is expected that about 11,000 athletes will participate in these games. The organizers imposed strict procedures on all participants.

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