Tokyo Olympics

The Southern African delegation in Tokyo to participate in the 23rd Olympics Olympics, was injured three members of the men’s football team, including two players, with Corona virus.

The Southern African delegation revealed that the players were Thubiso Mouni and Kuomyho Mahalatsi, while the third injury of Mario Masha videos, stressing that everyone in health insulation.

“The results of the group came negative twice and closely following all the recommendations of local health authorities,” AFP quoted the statement.

All members of the South African delegation have been tested on a daily basis since their arrival in the Olympic village in the Japanese capital.

As a result of a fourth member of the South African Olympic delegation, the rugby coach seven Neil Powell, was positive at an isolated facility in the Japanese city where the team is in a training camp.

Earlier on Sunday, Tokyo Olympics organizers said the result of two athletes participating in the games came positively with Corona virus in the village of athletes after a fellow team was also injured, raising fears of a greater prolonary proliferation just days before the opening ceremony.

Organizers did not specify the group on these two injuries.

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