Training camp for Qatar gymnastics team

The Gymnastics Federation is hosting the Brazilian national team delegation to set up a joint training camp between the first team of artistic gymnastics of Brazil and the Qatar first team of artistic gymnastics. For his part, Ali Al-Hitmi, President of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation, said: The federation is working in more than one direction in order to achieve the required balance between preparing the players well and also benefiting from this event in promoting sports tourism, and this will not happen only during the tournaments, but precedes many of that. The most important steps are for Doha to be an attraction for many teams around the world to train here and learn about the Qatari atmosphere. During the current period, the Brazilian gymnastics team is staying in a closed camp in Doha, and is training daily in the gymnastics training center hall of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation. This camp for the Brazilian team came at the request of the Brazilian Confederation, and this is the second camp for the Brazilian team within a few months, and it was previously done by the teams of Sweden, Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Yemen, Britain and India, and therefore the Gymnastics Federation applies the concept of sports tourism well And federation officials are looking forward to more in order to invest in the sports infrastructure that Qatar enjoys. Al-Hitmi added: Our goal is to achieve the vision of the Qatar Olympic Committee to encourage sports tourism, as through the infrastructure in Doha and giant sports facilities, Doha can be a destination for many athletes around the world. And for the record, the Brazilian team, which is currently in Doha, had already come here a few months ago, and the camp contributed to raising the level of its players, as evidenced by their superiority in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 in which they participated, and for this they asked to return again, and therefore the federation agreed, especially since there is a common benefit. For both parties, in addition to revitalizing sports tourism, the repetition of this matter will be in the interest of the goals we aspire to.

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