Vasquez rejects offer to continue with Real Madrid

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Vázquez is looking for a new destination for him, and Real Madrid have already begun discussing options to make up for him. “Vasquez’s goal is to find a team that has ambition and fights for the Champions League season after season, and the player’s commitment to the whole team and no one doubts that this will continue until his last day,” she said.

“After Vasquez rejected the club’s offer in January to renew for three years with a 10% salary cut, the talks calmed down until the last meeting, and it became clear that the future of the two parties was not on the same track,” she said. It is noteworthy that Vasquez rejected a Qatari offer last summer, and decided to continue in the ranks of The Meringi, and although he was not among zidane’s accounts in the starting line-up at the beginning of the season, he took the opportunity to prove himself under the curse of injuries that hit the team.Vasquez missed 7 of the 37 games played by the team this season in all competitions, and became an indispensable element in the main line-up of The Miringi. “It was one of the happiest days of my life,” Vinicius said on the day he was officially introduced as a white player. When I got here it was very difficult. It was the moment When I was going to change my life and Vinicius said, “I know I can be one of the best players in Madrid. I’m young and very happy with what I’ve come to; I’m always smiling.” The 20-year-old has succeeded in showing his personality on and off the pitch, where he confirmed that he knows that he can be “one of the best” players in the ranks of the Royal stoots in real Madrid, the spotlight is dominated by a number of names, including the brazilian highlights Vinicius Junior, because of his outstanding performance against Atalanta in the second leg of the Champions League

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