Veloyd announces Sudan’s list to face Libya in the Arab Cup Supplement

The Sudanese Football Association announced in an official statement, Thursday, the list of players that French coach Hubert Velud will rely on, in the face of the “Jedian Hawks” team for his Libyan counterpart in the supplement of the Arab Cup, which will be held in Qatar. And the official account of the Sudanese Football Association, on the social networking site “Facebook”, published the list adopted by Velud, which included 28 players, for the decisive confrontation against Libya on June 19 in Qatar. Veloud was chosen as goalkeeper at the level of the goalkeeper, on the quartet Ali Abu Eshryn, Muhammad Abuja, Munjid al-Nil, and Muhammad al-Mustafa, and in the line of defense were Samuel Mirghani, Faris Abdullah, Muhammad Arnaq, Omar al-Masry, Ahmed Wadah, Amir Kamal, Ahmed Abdel Moneim and Rami. Abdullah. As for the midfield, the presence of Nasr Al-Din Al-Shugail, Abu Aqila Abdullah, Walaa Al-Din Khader, Al-Taj Yaqoub, Dia Al-Din Mahjoub and Moaz Abdel Rahim, while in the attack Walid Al-Shula returns again to the “Suqur Al-Jedyan” battalion, accompanied by Muhammad Abdul Rahman. Al-Gharbal and Eid Moghaddam, in addition to Seif Terry, Al-Jazouli, Noah and Ahmed Saeed. The announced list recorded the absence of the leader Akram Al-Hadi, while it included only 3 professionals, namely the Egyptian back-back Athar Al-Taher, the Algerian youth playmaker Sharaf Al-Din Chiboub, and the Hungarian Spartacus striker Yassin Hamed. The list witnessed the presence of 13 players from Al Hilal Club, and 8 players from Al-Merreikh, while only 4 players were called from the rest of the Sudanese Football League teams. The players will join a closed camp in the capital, Khartoum, on Saturday, before playing two friendly matches against Zambia at Al Hilal Stadium in Omdurman, on June 11 and 13, before traveling to Qatar to face Libya on the 19th of the same month.

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