Video .. An encouraging neglect leads to a landmark

Police are chasing a woman who caused one of the worst bicycle accidents in the history of the famous Tour de France. And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, a female racing fan faces a full year in prison, after causing an accident to a large number of bikes during the famous race. Before the contestants passed from a street, the cheerleader came out carrying a cartoon board, and stood on the side of the road, blocking the bike path, which led to one of the contestants colliding with the big board and falling on the street, leaving dozens of contestants behind. The German fan carried a plaque with the phrase “Salute to her Grandfather”, and wanted to show it to the main camera of the race as the runners arrived. Her negligence resulted in a “terrifying” accident that injured dozens of riders, including those who suffered serious injuries that completely excluded him from the race. The cheerleader who caused the accident escaped before the authorities reached the scene and is now wanted. Many followers attacked the “reckless cheerleader” on social media, calling for the most severe penalties to be imposed on her.

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