What did Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung say about their match against Tigress?

Tigress is the strongest team in Mexico and a club representing concacaf. It is expected to be a difficult match but our players also prepared strongly, Hong Myung: We will honor the yellow continent in the tournament said Hong Myung coach Ulsan Hyundai about their match against Tegris Mexico in after winning the Asian Champions League, there was not enough time to return to Korea, but there was a great seriousness of the players although the task will be difficult, and we will do our best to represent Asian football well. And you will only know that the teeth and claws of the tiger sharp by colliding with them and mentions that the team will face tegris Mexican champion Concacaf on Thursday at Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium starting from 5 p.m., in a showdown will be a clash between the Tigers, and the winner of this showdown will play against Palmeiras champion of the Copa Libertadores

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