What happens in the French national team?… Giroud’s statement angers Mbappe

The atmosphere inside the French national team has been tense in the last hours, as various French media sources, including the newspaper “L’Equipe”, confirmed that the hours following France’s victory over Wales on Tuesday were difficult due to the lack of communication between a number of prominent players. Things seemed normal, especially with the victory of the “roosters” over their opponent 3-0, but the atmosphere was relatively tense after the end of the match, specifically after the statement of the match’s top scorer, Giroud, who managed to score a new double thanks to which he supported his position in the ranking of the historical scorers of the French team in all competitions. Giroud said at the end of the last friendly match: “In some situations, I do not succeed in scoring because the ball does not reach me in time, and at other times the failure is caused by the lack of good positioning, but when there are healthy passes, as happened, so my performance differs from the meeting etc”. Although Giroud’s statement seems normal, French media sources confirmed that Kylian Mbappe was not satisfied with what his colleague had done, and asked to speak to the media, although he was not concerned with what Giroud said. According to L’Equipe, coach Deschamps refused to allow Mbappe to speak to the media before the French team traveled to Germany, as he realized that something similar would spoil the atmosphere in the team hours before the start of the European adventure.

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