What is the secret of Mohamed Salah covering his face?

The Egyptian national football team has arrived in Benghazi, in preparation for meeting the Libyan national team in the fourth round of qualifying for the Sixth African Group for the World Cup. The Egyptian team’s mission settled in the Marwa Hotel in the center of Benghazi, amid strict security measures, and it was remarkable that Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, was keen to cover his destination almost completely by wearing a medical mask and a headscarf. , especially as it is the first visit of the international star to Libya. Libyan pages on Facebook published pictures of Salah, which raised many questions among Libyan commentators about the reason for covering his head and whether it was intended to hide from them, and many of them confirmed that they could identify him no matter what he did, according to their expression. A source in the Egyptian Football Association said that in order to provide the necessary atmosphere and security, the team’s residence hotel was fully booked in coordination with the Libyan authorities, as the hotel will not receive guests until after the Egyptian team leaves after the match. The Egyptian team is scheduled to hold its final training on Sunday at the Benina Martyrs Stadium in Benghazi. The Egyptian team defeated its Libyan counterpart in the first leg in Cairo with a clean goal, scored by the young player Omar Marmoush, who participated for the first time with his country and won the stardom of a tyrant.

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