Who is the highest income athlete in the world?

Roger Federer, the 38-year-old tennis player after being ranked by one of the American magazines, ranked the highest income athlete in the world and the first tennis player to take the lead. His annual revenue reaches 106.3 million US dollars, and the American magazine hinted that the Swiss revenue before tax deductions amounted to 6.3 million A dollar of financial prizes from the tournaments. And 100 million of sponsorship and marketing contracts, to be the second athlete to receive 100 million dollars in one year. It was also presented in the new classification to the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, whose total revenue is 105 million dollars. As for the third classification, he returned to the Argentine player. Lionel Messi is the star of Barcelona, ​​with 104 million, while the French St Germain striker, Neymar, of Brazil, ranked 95.5 million dollars.

Ahmed Kossi

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