Why does cardiac arrest affect a “super athlete” like Eriksen?

“Frightening” moments experienced by football fans, when the Danish star Christian Eriksen fell on the field, after suffering a heart attack, but what drives athletes in high health to suffer these strokes? Christian Eriksen fell unconscious without the intervention of any other player in the 40th minute of his country’s meeting with Finland in the European Nations Cup, a week ago, before an ambulance team intervened and gave him a heart massage, and saved him from death. Football fans breathed a sigh of relief, after announcing the “stability” of Eriksen’s health, but could not prevent themselves from remembering dark moments in football, in which they suddenly invited stars. One of the most prominent recent cases is the case of Italian defender David Astori, 3 years ago, when Fiorentina announced his death at the age of 31, and before that, Cameroonian star Marc-Vivien Foyer, during a meeting with his country in the Confederations Cup in 2003. The numerous deaths of athletes, or their survival after an emergency medical intervention, assures us that the fitness of athletes does not give them immunity against sudden cardiac arrest. Medical experts say sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death among early-career athletes. There are no warning signs, and players often collapse in the middle of training or during matches.

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