Within the Best African Player Award .. Will Mahrez be the first Arab to win the Golden Ball?

The Algerian star, Riyad Mahrez, was praised by analysts and athletes, especially Arabs, after his amazing performance with Manchester City and his leadership to the Champions League final for the first time in his history.

Mahrez contributed mainly to City’s qualification at the expense of Paris Saint-Germain to the final of the “Champions League”, after scoring the winning goal in the first leg 2-1 at the Princes Stadium in France, giving the advantage to his English team, and he scored the two goals of the match yesterday, Tuesday, in the second leg on Etihad Stadium.

Mahrez, after leading City to the first historic final of the team that dominated the local championships in England; Crowned the Golden Ball as the best player in Africa, after securing the Premier League title as well, especially since his rivals did not achieve similar achievements.

But the biggest wish that everyone is looking at is the Golden Ball, as the best player in the world, which no Arab player has been crowned before, and Mahrez has become the strongest opportunity in history to win it, after his brilliance and his great contribution to his team’s upcoming victory in the Premier League and its qualification for the Champions League final, And it will be the undisputed right if City wins the European Championship.

In this context, sports analyst Mohamed Awad published a picture of Mahrez’s celebration of the goals in front of Paris, commenting on it with a question: “Can we see an Arab golden ball this season?”

In turn, Salima Souakri, Secretary of State for Elite Sports to the Algerian Minister of Youth and Sports Madha Mahrez, said, “Congratulations to our brilliant hero, always the captain of the national team, Riad, deservedly qualified, and contributed a brilliant and brilliant performance to his team’s qualification for the champions’ final. We are proud of you, our wonderful hero, for success in the final.” .

As for the Tunisian coach Nabil Maaloul, he praised the Algerian star, saying, “A model for an integrated player who distinguished himself with City and contributed to his high skills, rapid incursions, and decisive goals in reaching the team’s Champions League final for the first time in its history and writing a new history,” adding, “Wonderful, you, son of Algeria.” .

For their part, Arab singers praised the great performance that Mahrez provided with City this season, especially in the Champions League, and how he imposed himself on the starting line-up of Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, after he was locked in the bench at the beginning of the season.

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