World Cup winner with Brazil in 2002 (Kaka)

There is a great development in Qatari football, where I participated in the last edition of the Copa America, and the organization of the World Cup as a legacy by contributing to the development of football on the Asian continent and can see the great development that Qatar knows in terms of infrastructure. The former Brazilian star praised the precautionary measures applied in organizing this big event, where it proved effective through the great success of the tournament even with the presence of the audience who came to watch the competitions of the Club World Cup and the Qatari team benefited from the friction with the other teams Answered Kaka a question about the level of Tigris Mexican Qaal : I was hoping that there will be a Brazilian team in the final, but we have to congratulate the Team Tigres on this achievement, it is a team playing with a good plan and that made it reach the final. He added: Palmeiras tried in that game to modify the result, but the last team Tigres sat the qualifying card deservedly, they are a wonderful team and they have the ability to adjust the pace of play, technically I like the way they play, they are good at leading the team, and have good players especially Geniak, and hosting such ducks is a great incentive for the players to honor the country ball. He added. On his career as a player and his crowning of the Club World Cup, the former Brazilian star said: I lived in Brazil and I watched local teams play in the big leagues, and as a young player I always dreamed of winning the cup, and I had the opportunity to win the title of 2007, it was a wonderful experience especially that I won the title of the best player as well.

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