Zidane: Facing Chelsea is the most important thing … and there is no concern about arbitration

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane confirmed his team’s readiness to compete against Chelsea, tomorrow,

Tuesday, by going to the Champions League semi-finals at the “Alfredo Di Stefano” stadium.

“It is the most important match for us, because it is the next match, and in the Champions League semi-final,

and we want to compete,” Zidane said during the press conference today.

On UEFA president Ceferin’s threat to Real Madrid, he commented: “I already answered that earlier, and it is

ridiculous to think that we will not be in the Champions League next year, and there is a lot of talk, but what

we have to do is focus on tomorrow’s match.”

Concerning about the arbitration tomorrow, he replied: “I do not think so, the referee will do his job, and if we

start to believe that what they say will harm us, it will be ridiculous.”

He added: “I am sure that the match against Chelsea will be complicated, but I do not think that they will close

the match. They are an integrated team that defends well and attacks well. We created opportunities and

tomorrow we have to show our best version in order to hurt them.”

He continued: «Support for Florentino Perez? I will not respond to you, and the president already knows what

I’m thinking, and the rest is not the time to talk about it. ”

And he added: “The team’s chances in the League and the Champions League? We will not choose between

the two championships, and we are still competing for the two titles, and what encourages us is to present

everything in every match, without thinking of anything else.”
About Militau, he commented: “He is just a player on our team, plays well, was patient, worked hard and

that’s it.”

He continued: “Experience is important in such matches? I do not think so, because Chelsea despite the

young age of its players have done well in the Champions League, and they deserve to reach this stage like us,

and they also have experience in all competitions.”

On the position of Kroos and Mindy, he explained: “Kroos will be fine with us. As for Mindy, he will not be and

will continue to be absent.”

He continued: “A special match for Hazard? There are no doubts about him, and in the last match he played

well 15 minutes, and now he will contribute a lot with the team.”

He finished: “Feeling ashamed of the Super League? I’m sorry, we have a match tomorrow, and I won’t answer


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